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Carole Hillman is a French hyper creative illustrator and pattern designer who lives in Southampton UK.

Since Carole was little she always loved drawing. She can still remember her first colouring book given to her by her grand-mother.

After a degree in fashion she lived in London and worked in the fashion industry for a few years.

During lockdown she spent lot of time with her children to create lovely art projects. She realized how much she missed drawing and decided to produce her own paper products. She creates all her artwork from her home studio.
Carole has traded at print fairs and markets around the country and works with several stockists worldwide. She loves meeting her customers and the thought of people having her artwork in their homes fills her with joy !
She is also part of a market organization in her city Soton Makers and trying to bring a bigger creative community together.

Carole works as a freelance illustrator and has worked on projects including editorial, tote bag collection, greeting cards design, needle point kit and some urban digital art for the cultural district of Southampton City .

She is working mainly in digital using Procreate and Photoshop but also she loves painting on different media like wood. She is always keen on learning and trying new techniques.
She recently created a limited edition of collage prints.
Carole takes her inspirations in the beautiful British Countryside. She also loves mixing pattern and creating textures in her work. She is obsessed with birds and flowers. You will be able to spot them in almost all of her designs.

She is also working on different prints collections creating fun and colourful seamless patterns available for licensing.


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