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Goodbye digital?

The past two years I think I created over 400 digital illustrations. Most of this work is available in this shop and are part of my little brand. I love them and I am so happy with the result. I created many different styles, many different topics , textures, colours , animals, flowers ....

Working on the ipad is great! Possibilities are endless .... it is fast, no need to know how to draw really !!!!

But after spending hours and hours front of this little screen ... I was bored and I had zero inspiration for so long .... I felt empty and sad ! My creativity was gone ... I needed to find a solution !!!

Last few weeks I started to paint again and just see what I could do with it!

I find collage so therapeutic. I missed the direct contact with the paint. The smell. The real texture of it. I created my own colours ... made some mistakes .... started again! I took some TIME .I needed to wait for the paint to dry... but I find this time so precious during the process .

I cut simple shapes and see what I could do with them... flowers, fruits, vegetables, boats and I created a new collection of handmade collage. Based on primary colours and very simple shapes!

I love this very Limited Edition Prints collection. I have more creativity coming back and want to do more !!!

I don't think I will stop digital ... actually I find mixing the two together working perfectly ! I supposed the key here is to find the right balance !

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